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Our Big Bang

The Modern Parent

The modern parent is curious and wants to learn ways to best support their children. They know that how we show up matters because it deeply impacts a child’s brain, body, spirit, and overall sense of self.

While working with hundreds of families, I recognized that curious and caring parents often feel unsure and lack personalized, heart-felt support. Instead, parents either keep their worries to themselves or feel bombarded by the overwhelming amount of parenting advice and videos on their daily feeds.

PlaySpace was created to offer a safe and educational space for parents to learn, reflect, and grow.


Elements of the Process

Together We Will



Learn about attachment, brain science, mindsight, emotional intelligence, and the nervous system



Access tools to feel connected to your body and parent from a grounded space



Cultivate the skills to hold space for your child’s feelings while simultaneously showing up for your own emotions



Apply the tools and knowledge that will transform your everyday parenting

Empowering Parents

Be the parent you want to be

You’re the expert, together we explore and foster strategies based on your unique values.

  • Feel confident and capable in your parenting
  • Create a relationship based on communication, trust, and collaboration
  • Foster presence by focusing on growth over perfection

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our happiness.” -Viktor Frankl

Playspace Parenting Meet Calley


Parent’s Experience

Words can’t describe how grateful we are for you and everything you did to help us and James. Since the moment I met you, your calming demeanor and patience naturally made it easy to warm up to you so quickly. You’re irreplaceable. Through this journey you have become a part of our family.

Nick Simmons

Jessica H., Toddler Parent

Thank you for caring about our family and wanting to come into our lives. You always went the extra mile and helped us in any way you possibly could. we will be forever grateful for you invaluable insights, knowledge, and help in understanding Leo on a greater level.

You’re enthusiastic energy is so inspiring, and passion for what you is do is so apparent. Thank you for listening to my fears and concerns and expressing encouragement and support on the days I needed it most. Thank you for believing in me.

Maria Livingston

Michelle M., Toddler Parent

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